Q&A for Bridal Alterations

Alterations to your bridal gown is just as important as the gown you’ve said YES to.  A great fit will ensure that you look best in you wedding photographs.  Volle’s Bridal Boutique has a highly trained alterations staff who will bring your wedding day vision to life.  Our European trained staff specializes in custom design changes and build ups.

In todays blog were breaking down some of the most popular questions we hear from brides going through the alteration process.

When should I start alterations?
We recommend starting your alterations appointments 2-3 months prior to your wedding date.

How long does a typical alterations appointment take?
Your first alterations appointment is the longest, but most appointments will last 30-45 minutes.

What should I bring to my appointments?
It’s  very important that you select your wedding day shoes and bring them to your fittings to make sure the hem is adjusted accordingly.  You’ll also want to bring the undergarments that you plan to wear for your wedding.  If you are undecided bring a few options to your first fitting.

Should I bring my entourage to fitting appointments?
Your dress is a big part of your special day and should be seen on your wedding day once it’s properly sized. During your final fitting we ask that you bring 1-2 people who will be with you wedding day to teach them how to bustle your dress.

I’ve lost or gained weight since purchasing my dress, what now?
It’s best to get in with a fitter sooner rather then later.  We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and weight gain or loss can happen, we want to make sure no matter the size your dress fits like a glove.

What is the average amount of fittings for a bridal gown?
Most bridal gowns take an average of 2-3 fittings but there are some dresses that can take more depending on the amount of alterations need to make sure the dress is properly sized.