Every Dress Has a Story, I’m Ready for Mine

Given that I sell wedding dresses for a living I would be lying if I said I haven’t spent some time day dreaming about what type of wedding day I wanted.  My favorite dress changes at least once a day, and I frequently spend time browsing dress designer websites and The Knot…for work purposes of course.  Each and every dress I’ve sold has a special story attached to it.  It’s so much more then a sale to me, its the beginning of a special bond.  When I see a dress in the closet I refer to it as the brides name who’s purchased that dress, not the style name or number.  I truly enjoy seeing a bride through her say yes to the dress moment to her pick up day  the week of the wedding.  My favorite emails are from wedding photographers sharing my beautiful brides wedding day photos.  It’s safe to say I LOVE what I do.

My wedding day dreaming officially ended as of 12/17/17, because… I’m ENGAGED!  After nearly 5 years Brad popped the question in front of both our families at our first annual Christmukkah party.  As you can imagine I can’t wait to start the planning process.  I’m anxiously awaiting the moment I find my dress and give it a story.

I’m taking you with me through the good, the bad and the ugly of everything wedding planning from my say yes to the dress moment to finding the perfect venue.  Follow along on my weekly blog posts and feel free to share your wedding planning stories that may just be featured on my blog.




“Dressing the Dresser”
Marketing Director/Sales Consultant