Meet Deanna

When Deanna was just 11-years old, she began to sew out of necessity. Tired of wearing her sister’s hand-me-downs her mother took Deanna to the fabric store.  She hand selected and purchased patterns and started sewing clothes. If there wasn’t a pattern available for what she envisioned, she made the pattern.  From that young age, creating things became Deanna’s therapy.  She even made her date’s entire tuxedo for senior prom.

In 1978 Deanna came upon an open seamstress position at Volle’s Bridal and Boutique.  She had just lost her mother to cancer and was was out on her own with little more than a positive attitude  and a will to create. She was very excited to accept the position and be able to make a living doing what she loved. I started working with Volle’s son, Kerry, in the tuxedo department. As fate would have it, we fell in love and three years later, we were married. Thus, my career in the bridal industry started.

Nearly 40 years later Deanna proudly runs Volle’s Bridal and Boutique day to day operations.  She loves interacting with the brides and helping make their wedding dreams into reality.  Deanna hand selects each wedding gown and travels around the world to meet with top designers.  In addition to selecting the gowns sold at Volle’s Deanna also oversees the alterations department and gown customization.

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Meet Volle

The mission of Volle’s Bridal and Boutique is simple: to make you feel like the only bride in the world.  Volle’s Bridal and Boutique accomplishes this mission by pledging personalized attention to each and every bride that walks through our doors.  The Lake Zurich, Illinois store located approximately 30 minutes northwest of Chicago, meets the definition of a full-service salon.  Volle’s offers complete outfitting and accessory needs for brides, grooms and their wedding parties.

One of the few who can say they realized their career path in childhood, Volle began designing and sewing in elementary school. Teachers nurtured her artistic gift, and by the age of 8, Volle was recruited by a neighbor to design and sew costumes for her dance studio. As an adult, while raising her three sons, Volle fine-tuned her skills by designing clothing for influential international clients. Four times a year she showcased her designs and fabric selections to an elite clientele, some of whom requested bridal gowns for their daughters. As demand for the custom gowns soon grew, Volle decided to launch Volle’s Bridal Boutique in 1970.  Now in her mid 90’s Volle’s passion for bridal is still very present, while not working full time hours Volle loves to come visit her Volle’s girls and meet brides.


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