Over 30,000 couples tied the knot on 8-18-18 and I was one of those couples!  After months of planning my best day ever has come and gone.  I heard at least 100 times during my wedding planning to enjoy the process it will be over before you know it and let me tell you that advice spot on.   Working in the bridal industry I’ve seen so many brides stress over wedding planning so I promised myself that I was going to remain calm and enjoy every second of  planning and the wedding day.  Don’t get me wrong I had a few “bridezilla” moments but I can honestly say I loved every part of planning our big day.  I was not the perfect bride and we had a few things not go as planned but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Read below for a few bits of advice.

Vendors: Do your research, don’t jump the gun and book the first vendor you meet with.  Make sure you meet potential vendors in person,face to face so you can really get to know them.  I liked one of the very first florist’s proposal on line but he couldn’t find the time to meet with me face to face which lead my to look elsewhere and also led me to find the most amazing florist ever!

Dare to be different: It’s ok to want something nontraditional.  Throughout my planning process people questioned our non sit down dinner and our unique venue, at times it made me doubt our decisions.  Guess what…those same people have been the first to tell us how much fun they had at our “different” wedding.

Enjoy the process: Enjoy the extra time with your significant other,make a day date out of visiting your vendors and doing tastings.   Book an extra cake tasting or two for a sweet treat.  Watch a few wedding videos online over a bottle of wine for wedding inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  I was lucky to have many offering their help, my advice is take it.  The last few days before the wedding get so crazy, don’t hesitate to take people up on their offer and assign them to some last minute errands.

Take a minute to breath:My favorite moment of the day was the few seconds I stopped to pause and take it all.  When the curtains opened for me to walk down the aisle I told my Dad not to start walking, I wanted to savor the moment of seeing all my friends and family in on room together.

Dont sweat the small stuff:  Brad and I had arranged to have firework sparklers for our entrance and first dance.  We were so excited to really wow our guests, for some reason our vendor totally bailed on us and didn’t deliver or set up our sparklers.  I was bummed till Brad told me no one but us knows that it didn’t happen.  Not every guest knows your wedding timeline and every detail of the big day so if something doesn’t go your way smile and look at everything that did go right!  If you need a little more encouragement head to the bar and grab yourself a glass of bubbly!

Ceremony Dress:Bianca Marie by Maggie Sottero


Reception Dress:Delta-Blush by Hayley Paige

Bridesmaids: Sorella Vita, Occasions by Hayley Paige, Belsoie

Tux Wear:Mr. Tux 

Venue: Joe’s Live, Rosemont IL

Florist:Lake Forest Flowers

Photographer: Monica Caughlin Photography

VideographerAaron Hechtman Show

DJ:4Sure Entertainment


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of my wedding, I look forward to helping you say YES to your dress!