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Toss the Bouquet

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip Flowers are the finishing touch for a beautiful wedding day.  They add so much to the pictures and décor, they just make everything more romantic.  The only problem is that they don’t last forever.  So what should you do with your gorgeous bouquet once the wedding is over?  While in New York […]

Nip in the Air

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip:   Personally, there is nothing better than a chilly fall day; leaves falling, a cup of hot chocolate warming your cold fingers and the person you love walking next to you.  I know I am not the only one that loves fall, so it’s no surprise that couples decide to get married […]

Don’t Forget Your Junior Bridesmaid!!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tips So you have your wedding party all planned, but what about your little sister or niece?  They are too old to be flower girls but too young to be a full on Bridesmaids so where do you put them?  Junior Bridesmaids tend to get forgotten, but there are several benefits to having […]

Let It Go!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: You have planned and planned, everything is set down to the tiniest detail. You wake up the morning of your wedding, with butterflies in your stomach, and you just want your day to be perfect. Every bride has this feeling, but your wedding day is not the day to stress about what […]

Brides Beware!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip There are so many great places online to find interesting and unique pieces for your wedding day. Every bride knows domains like Etsy, Zulily or even Ebay are always worth a look for bridal must haves. But what happens when what you receive isn’t what you ordered? Or if you ordered something […]

A Touch of Color

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip When I say “Bride” what is the first thing you thing of? A girl all dressed in white; white dress, white veil, and most likely white flowers. What if we were to change up this image just a tad? How you ask? By adding COLOR of course! Color adds fun and depth […]


Deanna’s Tuesday Tip Every mother’s dream is for her daughter to wear her wedding gown from back in the day. The only issue is that most brides want a wedding gown to call their own as well! So how can you incorporate your mothers’ gown into your wedding day? We have some awesome ideas that […]

How to Avoid the Dreaded Receiving Line

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip Wedding traditions come and go, one of the things that are slowly disappearing from weddings in the receiving line. Whether you are going to go take pictures or just going around on a party bus before the reception, most couples don’t feel like standing there for at least 30 minutes hugging person […]

Rainy Wedding Day

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip Since it is such a rainy and gloomy day, I thought I’d write about the dreaded rainy wedding day. My advice- turn those lemons into lemonade! Rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day, and even though you think it’s not ideal, a rainy wedding day is still yours, […]

A Thank You to Mom

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip Your mother does so much for you, and now she is helping you plan your dream wedding. As much as everyone says it’s ‘your’ day, it is a little bit of hers as well. She has dreamed about this day for you just as long as you have, and has been by […]