How to Avoid the Dreaded Receiving Line

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip

Wedding traditions come and go, one of the things that are slowly disappearing from weddings in the receiving line. Whether you are going to go take pictures or just going around on a party bus before the reception, most couples don’t feel like standing there for at least 30 minutes hugging person after person. The one thing that is nice about receiving lines is introducing the bridal party to the guests. So the question is, how to you introduce the wedding party while forgoing the line? There are plenty of new and unique ways to skip the tradition and still get everybody well acquainted.

I recently attended a wedding that did things a little differently and it worked out really well! They had each person in the bridal party enter to their own song choice, not as a couple like most weddings do. After they entered each person took the microphone and gave a short background to their relationship with the groom or bride. It went fairly quickly, but it was a neat way to introduce the bridal party and start the festivities. One word of caution though, make sure the DJ plays the radio edit of all the songs! The last thing your Grandma needs to hear is the latest explicit rap song.

Once this gets the party started everybody will be ready to head to the dance floor! There are many ways to spice things up and recreate old traditions; the main thing is that everyone has a great time!

With Love,