Buying at Volles from Volle’s Bride Lulu

If you are reading this, congratulations on your recent engagement! Does calling your significant other
“fiance” give you butterflies? I know it did for me, it made me giggle every time I referred to him as my fiance. Being a soon- to-bride is just as exciting as planning your wedding. Planning your wedding shouldn’t feel like work, if so you are doing it wrong! Allow yourself to enjoy every second of it because you only get to do it once, so let loose and have fun!

Every brides dream is to look like a princess on their wedding day. So finding the right dress is ideal and takes most of your planning time. Here are some tips I can give you. Start looking for your dress as soon as you and your fiance set the date. Ordering a dress can take months to arrive, usually your receive your dress 3 months before your wedding date. So depending on what dress style and designer you pick, time will vary. Some places might take 9 months to a year in order to get your dress in. Before you make any appointments, make sure to collect some ideas and dress styles you like. Some of us knew what they wanted before they got engaged…*cough*cough, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Make sure you do your research on what each bridal store has to offer, what designers and styles they carry. I had the chance to look for my wedding dress at a local boutique in Lake Zurich called Volles Bridal Boutique. A boutique such as Volle’s is so unique because of it’s history as well as the interior of the store. The staff was very friendly, helpful and made the experience fun and stress-free.

So why go to a boutique versus going into a big chain store that seems to have everything. I’ve had experience on what it feels like to walk into a boutique vs chain store. There is a ‘je ne sais quoi” feeling about a boutique. I find them very unique and with lots of personality. You never know what to expect to find in them sometimes. There is a warm welcoming feeling about walking into a boutique verses a chain store. I personally find chain stores very cold and mechanical and sometimes the staff is very rude and careless. Then it feels just like any other retail store at the mall. Boutiques are very personable in a way, clients get to receive their own attention making them feel very important. The best part of experience at Volle’s was that the owner, Deanna, was very much involved with helping me find the dress. I had tried on a couple of dresses and they were all so pretty, but I knew what dress I wanted. Lazaro was my dream dress. I showed it to my consultant and was told that this specific dress style was not in store. I was very bummed at first, but Deanna came to me and told me that they can bring in the dress for me. We made a second appointment and I was able to try on the dress and then I knew it was THE dress. I was in LOVE again, for a I said”YES to the dress.

At the time, my fiance and I decided to have our official wedding ceremony a month or two after I said yes to the dress. So I needed a second dress urgently since the ceremony was not our wedding date. We were still a year away from our wedding date. I went to Volles again, and had to ask if it was possible to get a dress in less then three weeks and of course it isn’t. BUT they had some sample dresses in my size and I asked if they could sell me a sample dress. Deanna is very kind and I was able to get a dress. It fit like a glove and looked brand new! Of course it needed some alterations! They do everything in their alterations department and their seamstresses are very reputable.

I was very blessed and lucky to walk out of Volle’s with two wedding dresses for two different occasions. Volle’s made it possible for me, and it was truly the best customer service I have ever had. I can guarantee that you definitely get the royal treatment at Volle’s!