Q&A for Bridal Alterations

Alterations to your bridal gown is just as important as the gown you’ve said YES to.  A great fit will ensure that you look best in you wedding photographs.  Volle’s Bridal Boutique has a highly trained alterations staff who will bring your wedding day vision to life.  Our European trained staff specializes in custom design changes and build ups.

In todays blog were breaking down some of the most popular questions we hear from brides going through the alteration process.

When should I start alterations?
We recommend starting your alterations appointments 2-3 months prior to your wedding date.

How long does a typical alterations appointment take?
Your first alterations appointment is the longest, but most appointments will last 30-45 minutes.

What should I bring to my appointments?
It’s  very important that you select your wedding day shoes and bring them to your fittings to make sure the hem is adjusted accordingly.  You’ll also want to bring the undergarments that you plan to wear for your wedding.  If you are undecided bring a few options to your first fitting.

Should I bring my entourage to fitting appointments?
Your dress is a big part of your special day and should be seen on your wedding day once it’s properly sized. During your final fitting we ask that you bring 1-2 people who will be with you wedding day to teach them how to bustle your dress.

I’ve lost or gained weight since purchasing my dress, what now?
It’s best to get in with a fitter sooner rather then later.  We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and weight gain or loss can happen, we want to make sure no matter the size your dress fits like a glove.

What is the average amount of fittings for a bridal gown?
Most bridal gowns take an average of 2-3 fittings but there are some dresses that can take more depending on the amount of alterations need to make sure the dress is properly sized.




Toss the Bouquet

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip


Flowers are the finishing touch for a beautiful wedding day.  They add so much to the pictures and décor, they just make everything more romantic.  The only problem is that they don’t last forever.  So what should you do with your gorgeous bouquet once the wedding is over?  While in New York for the market we came across an adorable idea to preserve your bouquet; make it into a Christmas Ornament! This bride dried her flowers (hanging them upside down works the best) and then used the flowers to fill an ornament and decorated the outside with their wedding date.  Having something to remind you of your wedding day during the holiday season will just remind you of all you have to be grateful for!  Another fun idea is to make potpourri out of the flowers.  Save the flowers in a nice dish and put them out as a unique decoration.  If you had anything special on you the day of your wedding, your something old or something blue, place it in with the flowers.  Saving the little things from your wedding is a nice way to have a reminder of your and your spouse’s love every day.  Your bouquet is too pretty to just throw away, so find a unique way to keep it around, you’ll be happy you did!


With Love,


Nip in the Air

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip:

IMG_1529 (1)


Personally, there is nothing better than a chilly fall day; leaves falling, a cup of hot chocolate warming your cold fingers and the person you love walking next to you.  I know I am not the only one that loves fall, so it’s no surprise that couples decide to get married in autumn all the time.  They think of everything, what colors would look the best in the fall foliage, where they can get the most unique pictures; some couples even have pumpkin flavored cake!  Once you find your perfect dress it seems that everything else falls into place.  The one thing most brides tend to overlook is the weather, which is ironic sense that is what they are planning the wedding around; the fall weather.  But what I am talking about is that it might be a little bit colder than you planned for, and if you are in a strapless dress that could make for some uncomfortable moments.  Nobody wants a picture of a bride turning blue because she is freezing! Fortunately bridal companies make adorable bolero’s and jackets that look elegant while still keeping you warm.  I love the classic Fur Stoll; I think it adds a little bit of an ‘Old Hollywood’ glam look to any ensemble.  You could also order extra fabric from your gown (or find material that matches) and have something custom made to match your gown.  Either way, you’ll be much warmer than just wearing your strapless gown all on its own.

Don’t just hope for perfect weather on your wedding day, plan ahead! If you don’t end up needing it at least you’ll get some really unique pictures out of it! You will be much more at ease if you plan for all sorts of scenarios, but just remember your day will be perfect, chilly or not!

With Love,





Don’t Forget Your Junior Bridesmaid!!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tips

dress trioSo you have your wedding party all planned, but what about your little sister or niece?  They are too old to be flower girls but too young to be a full on Bridesmaids so where do you put them?  Junior Bridesmaids tend to get forgotten, but there are several benefits to having them in your wedding party.

First of all, it is a chance to get your second color in the wedding; if all your bridesmaids are wearing blush pink have her wear champagne so she compliments the wedding while being a bit special. Second, it will mean so much to her, being in your wedding will make her feel important and part of the big girls’ crowd.  The only issue is, which dress to get her?  She is too small to fit in the bridesmaid’s dresses, and doesn’t have the bust to fill out the bra cups.  Also most bridesmaid’s dresses are strapless, which is a little too mature for the tween age.  Junior Bridesmaids dresses are perfect for that in between age, they have straps and are made for a younger girls body with modified neck lines and sizing. Our designer Jasmine offers junior sizing that matches the Bridesmaid dresses but adjust the neckline and dress to make it more modest for that younger girl.

There are so many styles that could work for that younger attendant, so don’t feel like they need to wear the same dress as everyone else, find a gown that is made for your junior bridesmaid.


With Love,


Let It Go!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip:

You have planned and planned, everything is set down to the tiniest detail. You wake up the morning of your wedding, with butterflies in your stomach, and you just want your day to be perfect. Every bride has this feeling, but your wedding day is not the day to stress about what may go wrong, just let these things go.

Guess what the goal of your wedding day is? GETTING MARRIED! Everything from the dress to the party afterwards is extra! As long as you are wed to the person you love at the end of the day, the day was a success! Your wedding day is a day for celebration of your love for each other, not a celebration of your great taste in flowers. Nobody is going to know that the flowers were supposed to be light pink instead of hot pink or that the band played the wrong song during your first dance. So what if it rains? That’s good luck, didn’t you know? Now, don’t get me wrong, I want you to have the most amazing gown and best reception anybody has ever seen, but let the little things roll off your shoulder, and your day will amazing. Enjoy every moment of your wedding day, even the moment when Uncle Joe has a little too much to drink and says something embarrassing.

The secret to a fabulous wedding is when the bride and groom have the time of their lives. Your guests will follow your lead, so get your groove on and have a blast!


With Love,



How to Avoid the Dreaded Receiving Line

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip

Wedding traditions come and go, one of the things that are slowly disappearing from weddings in the receiving line. Whether you are going to go take pictures or just going around on a party bus before the reception, most couples don’t feel like standing there for at least 30 minutes hugging person after person. The one thing that is nice about receiving lines is introducing the bridal party to the guests. So the question is, how to you introduce the wedding party while forgoing the line? There are plenty of new and unique ways to skip the tradition and still get everybody well acquainted.

I recently attended a wedding that did things a little differently and it worked out really well! They had each person in the bridal party enter to their own song choice, not as a couple like most weddings do. After they entered each person took the microphone and gave a short background to their relationship with the groom or bride. It went fairly quickly, but it was a neat way to introduce the bridal party and start the festivities. One word of caution though, make sure the DJ plays the radio edit of all the songs! The last thing your Grandma needs to hear is the latest explicit rap song.

Once this gets the party started everybody will be ready to head to the dance floor! There are many ways to spice things up and recreate old traditions; the main thing is that everyone has a great time!

With Love,