2 Dresses, 1 day???

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip

When you are shopping for your wedding dress, there are lots of factors to consider: price, style, bling, lace, train and even color. When brides are narrowing down their selection they often consider one other factor: can they wear it all day? This question often leads to a debate about wearing a second dress, a sort of costume change, for the reception. Brides start dancing to the music in their heads and the friends and family who have come along to experience the magic moments of dress shopping create a mini-mosh pit in an attempt to see how well the bride and dress will stand up to dancing.

Changing into a second gown seems to be a trend worth taking a second look at. The traditionalist in me would never recommend a Wonder Woman-like change. But just like marital disagreements, it is a good idea to look at both sides of the story.

Ask anyone who has worn a bridal dress or sells one, bridal gowns are not designed for comfort. With rare exception, wearing a bridal gown is going to be a bit uncomfortable. You probably are not used to wearing that much fabric, lace, beading and tulle all at one time. The gowns are surprisingly heavy and sometimes downright bulky. Wearing a dress with any length of train makes moving quickly a wish only a fairy godmother could grant. So why wear your wedding dress all day? Because it is your wedding day! Your wedding day is the one and only day you will get to wear your dress, so cherish every special minute you are in it. Not mention, getting every penny out of your dress investment.

Instead of purchasing a second dress for your wedding reception, consider purchasing a beautiful dress for your ceremony rehearsal and dinner. Wearing a beautiful dress the night before will build the excitement and anticipation for those who have not seen your wedding dress and the entire next day. Lots of pictures will be taken at the rehearsal event too, so dress the part and dress up a bit.

If you have your heart set on changing into a reception dress, then go for it. Your guests will be surprised by the change, so be prepared to wow them. Choose a truly stunning dress which fits the theme and setting of the wedding. You might even want to choose a second dress which really shows off your unique personality or your cultural background. Some wedding dresses just were not designed to cut the rug, so if you are a crazy dancer, changing out of your traditional dress just might be the best option for you and the dress.

Only you can decide if you are going to wear one dress or two dresses on your wedding day. If you are looking to be traditional, then stick with the same dress for the ceremony and reception. If you are seeking a mix of traditional and contemporary, then go with a traditional dress for the ceremony and then a party dress for the reception.   No matter what you wear, the day is about you, not the dress or dresses.

Happy dress shopping and I hope to see you at Volle’s soon!

With love,

Save the Heels!

What is one of the downfalls of summer weddings? Ruining your favorite pair of heels! Whether you had to stand in sand, mud or just want to dance the night away, your heels are paying the ultimate price. Good news is that there are many different options to save your fancy footwear.
My personal favorite shoe-savers are heel protectors, they are little clear covers that can make your heel a little bit wider to avoid sinking into the ground, or just to avoid dirt from ruining your shoes.These are a great gift for Brides to give their Bridesmaids if they are having an outdoor wedding.Another awesome invention are pads that go on the bottom of the shoe to add friction to avoid slipping and sliding all over the dance floor (unless that is your dance style, then work it!) And the last best shoe saver is a good shoe repairman! They can add new clasps, straps or even a whole new sole to your favorite worn out pair of heels.These repairmen are often a forgotten option, but they truly are miracle workers!
Just a friendly reminder to Brides and Bridesmaids alike, be aware of ruining your pair of dyed satin shoes. Walking through wet grass, puddles and rain can all make the dye run. Every girl knows heels are an important part of any wedding assemble, so show them a little respect!Get the right protective gear to insure the quality and structure of your shoe, so those beauties can last for many weddings to come!

Don’t Forget the Groom

You have spent countless hours shopping for your wedding gown. Once the purchase is made, you book countless appointments for alterations, accessories, hair trials, mani/pedi spa dates, bridesmaid dress shopping, shoe shopping, bridal showers, wedding invitations and shopping for the mother of the wedding dresses. Are you forgetting anything or anyone? Yes! Your other half!! Don’t forget to share a little of the spotlight with your leading man, the groom. Rather than just picking out any old tuxedo, keep up with the trends and style your guy. The hottest trend in men’s bridal fashion is the black tuxedo. It is a classic yet modern look sure to be trend setting next to your stunning gown.

Black is back. While charcoal, grey and linen still have their place on the bridal style aisle, the classic black tux is coming back in a big way. If you have a moderate to very formal styled wedding, your groom will look stunning a black shawl collar tuxedo complimented by a black bow tie. The look is super sharp and classic. Remember, classic never goes out of style.

To give the groom all the extra special attention he needs, consider shopping for his formalwear at a tuxedo boutique. Don’t worry; the prices will be competitive with large big box stores and will have much better customer service. Small independent shops thrive on providing excellent customer service in a price competitive market so you can be assured your groom will be treated like the star of the show without the celebrity price tag.

Don’t forget to accessorize the groom. Cuff links make a great wedding present and a piece your groom will treasure every time he puts them on. Consider upgrading his watch to fit the occasion. Ditch the waterproof Velcro band watch he wears to the gym for a more formal sophisticated stainless steel link version. Consider engraving it and watch the time fly by as a happily married couple.

Grooms often don’t take a leading role in the wedding planning process. Be sure to show him he is your leading man and put a little focus on him. And don’t forget, you will be in the spotlight together, now and forever.

With love,



Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: Shoes!!!

Congrats on finding your perfect bridal gown!

Now you have to consider the shoes. Don’t make any rash decisions; put as much effort into choosing your shoes as you have choosing your flowers, jewelry or any other detail to your wedding assumable.

When you find the perfect shoe to complete your bridal look it is very important to bring them with to your first bridal fitting. You want to make sure that your dress is hemmed to the appropriate length.

If you plan on taking off your heels and dancing the night away in flats make sure they are the same height as your heels to prevent stepping on your dress or having to hold it up throughout the night.

Happy Shoe Hunting!

Battle of the Bridesmaids

Battle of the Bridesmaids

Selecting your wedding party can be quite stressful. Who should you ask? Who will be offended if you don’t ask them? Are you just filling spaces or does this person play an important role in your life? I wish I could tell you the stress will be over once you choose your attendants. But I can’t, because the battle has only begun.

Picking a dress is often harder than deciding who will forever be standing beside you in your wedding pictures. Picking the dress your 9 bridesmaids will march down the aisle wearing will cause you to question your relationships and friendships throughout the wedding planning process. A laissez faire approach to dress selection has the potential to create very stressful crazy and downright hostile appointment. Little progress is made when the bridesmaids are all going different directions with little input from the bride.

If you want all of your attendants to wear the same dress without hurt feelings or worse, I offer you some tips to help you maintain your Queen of the Day status with grace and poise.

Behold, this is the dress

One way to approach of choosing a dress all your bridesmaids will wear is to simply choose it for them. Shop alone and be considerate of the body shapes, sizing and the budget of your bridesmaids. With the help of a knowledgeable bridal consultant, choose a dress which will flatter the women who have agreed to participate in your wedding. Be prepared to dish the dirt on your attendants like height, bust size and body issues to your sales consultant so she can help you select a dress. Making decisions is part of the job description of bride, so don’t be afraid to make one. You will feel less stress and so will your bridesmaids. Most bridesmaids are simply honored to be a part of your big day and will go along with whatever you choose.

My ladies, you may choose (from two)

Another great approach when it comes to choosing a dress is to give the group two pre-selected options. Again, shop alone and pick out two dresses. Ask your sales consultant to help you select complimentary dresses which will flatter the women in your wedding party but give them options. Both should be from the same designer, same fabric and same color. Take a vote and stick to the rules: majority wins. This option has a greater potential for hurt feelings and can be a logistical nightmare if you can’t get everyone together at one time to cast their vote. Step aside and let your maid or matron of honor due her official duty. This takes you out of the final decision while still giving your input.

Either way, it can be challenge to get your entire bridal party to agree on one thing: the dress. By taking control of the dress decision, you will save yourself and your bridesmaids a lot of stress and hurt feelings.

Some of the best marriage advice I ever received was “Choose your battles wisely.” Be the Queen of this battle.

With love,


Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: Keep it a Secret

This week’s Tuesday Tip from Deanna is…keep it a secret.

Almost most every bride I meet is over the top excited about her wedding. She is quick to whip out her smart phone and flip through Pinterest pages and personal wedding websites showcasing every detail of her wedding. Large groups of family member, relatives, bridesmaids and friend are brought into Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich so the blushing bride can show off her dress and gush about the tiniest details of the wedding with the large group. Here is some advice…keep it a secret. Not just your dress, but the details of the wedding.

When it comes to your wedding, here is what I suggest. Dole out small bits of information like the overall theme or the colors of the wedding, but stop there. Don’t give away all the little details which will make your wedding stand out among the many weddings your guest will attend. An element of surprise will only add to the anticipation and excitement your guests are likely to experience as your big day quickly approaches.

Of course, certain people need to know the most intimate details of the wedding because they are helping you plan the big day. Keep the circle tight and resist the urge to post pictures on social media websites and your personal wedding website. Let the guests of your wedding experience the magic of your wedding for the first time in person on the big day.

Every bride has a different vision of her wedding, but the end goal is always the same: a magical day that ends with “and they lived happily ever after.” If you ever visited the place described by many as the “happiest place on Earth,” think back to when you first saw the elegant, fairytale castle at the end of the midway. You were probably awestruck at the sight of it and all the other little details like the music, flowers and scenery surrounding you. Why not recreate that magical feeling for your guests as they experience your wedding? The magic is in the details and even the company known worldwide for creating memorable, magical experiences doesn’t give away all of its secrets.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich is a truly magical place. We have been creating magic in our bridal shop for nearly 43 years. Over 53,000 brides have worn dresses from Volle’s Bridal and Boutique of Lake Zurich on their wedding day. We love helping brides select the best kept secret of their wedding.

Thank for reading this week’s tip and until we meet again, may all your dreams come true.

With love,

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: Start with the Big Three

You said YES when the ring was slipped on your finger.  You couldn’t wait to change your relationship status on Facebook and you posted a picture of your new bling for all of your friends to see.  You want to start planning right away; everyone wants to know when the big day will be.  What should you do first?  How to you start planning one of the most exciting days of your life?  Start with the Big Three: venue, photography and your wedding dress.

First thing first, you and your future spouse need to figure out how much money you have or would like to spend on your wedding.  Wherever the funds are coming from, it’s best to know what amount of money you will be spending on the wedding.  Then it’s time to break down the budget dollar by dollar.  The three most expensive budget line items (in order of expense) should be your venue, photography and your wedding dress.


Your venue expense should include the site of the wedding ceremony and the reception along with the cost of the food and beverages you will be serving your guests. Most wedding venues start booking weddings at least one year in advance.  Depending on where you live, certain months are more popular due to weather, so certain dates fill up faster than others.  Certain dates may be offered at a discounted rate due to seasonal temperatures or they are traditionally hard to book dates.  Picking your venue really sets the mood for you wedding, so it’s a great idea to get this task out of the way first.


The next most expensive budget item is your photography.  Long after the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, your wedding photographs are the one treasure of your wedding day you will keep forever.  Not only will the photographer take great shots of you and your spouse, but they will capture your guests sharing the day with you.  It’s tempting to choose a photographer by price since it is such an expensive wedding budget item.  Consider the photographer’s reputation, their artistic style and the level of comfort you feel when you meet with potential photographers.  Always ask to see samples of their work and find out what is truly included in their fee.  Choose your photographer soon after you book your venue.

Wedding Dress

After you book your venue and select your photographer, it’s time to find your dream wedding dress.  Often time’s brides are restricted by a dollar amount because they shop for their dress after they have planned out all the details of their wedding right down to the icing on the cake.  By purchasing your wedding dress ahead of the smaller details, you leave yourself a wiggle room in your budget.  After all, what’s your amazing photographer going to be taking lots and lots of pictures of?  You in your wedding dress at your spectacular venue.  There lots of suggestions for cutting corners and saving a buck or two when it comes down to the details of the wedding.  Choosing a gown based on price has the potential to leave you heartbroken and regretting your gown purchase decision.  Purchase decisions should be made no less than 9 month before the wedding date, giving you plenty of time to work out the details of the wedding.

Stay tuned to our weekly tips for money saving suggestions so you can purchase the dress of your dreams at Volle’s Bridal and Boutique.  Remember, start with the Big Three and the rest will be a piece of cake.

With love,


Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: When To Buy, When To Save

When is the best time to buy your wedding gown?  How can I save money on my wedding gown?  These are two very important questions when it comes to selecting your wedding dress.  Believe it or not, both questions have the same answer:  During a trunk show!

You should consider purchasing your wedding gown no less than 9 months before your wedding. Most designer wedding gowns take 4-6 month to manufacture and ship to your local bridal store. Consider allowing at least two month for alterations and the watch the time fly right by. You will be walking down the aisle before you know it! If your timeline is short on time, then don’t delay another day. You still may have options like adding a rush fee, purchasing a designer stock dress or purchasing a sample gown.

When a store hosts a trunk show, they bring in additional stock for a short amount of time, typically a weekend, for brides to try on and order. When shopping a trunk show, be prepared to make a purchase decision. If you fall in love with a trunk show dress and don’t make a purchase decision, chances are the dress will not be on display when you come back in a few days or weeks later to try it on again.

Purchasing a wedding gown during trunk shows save you money! Gowns which are not typically discounted may be discounted during the trunk show. The designers often allow bridal shops to offer purchase discounts on gowns which cannot be discounted at any other time. Additionally, shops may offer discounts on accessories or bridal party attire during trunk shows for brides who make a purchase decision.

Trunk shows are usually listed on bridal shop websites and the designer’s websites too! Appointments are required and shops may ask for a booking deposit when you make your appointment. Trunk show appointments fill up quickly, so it is best to book an appointment early.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique will be hosting TWO trunk shows this weekend! We have more dresses than ever for you to come in and try on. We are featuring our newest collection, Eve of Milady, along with the very popular designer Allure. The Eve of Milady wedding dresses are unique and stunning. The dresses are reserved for brides interested in spending $3,500 or more on their wedding dress. The Allure trunk show features dresses from the Spring 2014 collection which start at $1,200.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique hosts trunk shows nearly every weekend. We look forward to seeing you this weekend or weekend in the near future!

With love,

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: How To Get Ready For Your Appointment

It takes months and months of planning to pull off your big day, sometimes even a year or more!  You obsess about every little detail and lose sleep over finding the perfect shade of pink to match the invitations to the flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Here’s a tip to help you take some of the stress out of one of your biggest decisions which is purchasing your wedding gown:  Start with a clean palate.

When shopping for your wedding gown, you should go neutral.  From your undergarments to your hairstyle, when shopping for a wedding gown, it is important to see you, not your leopard printed underwear or an armful of colorful bangles.

Start with a base of neutral undergarments.  Consider wearing a neutral colored strapless bra such as a white or nude.  Colorful and printed bras are certainly fun to wear, but they might show through some of the white or ivory gowns and become distracting.  You will feel more comfortable with a neutral base of undergarments, as will your consultant and your guests.

Keep your jewelry to a minimum.  Large colorful, chunky necklaces might be the latest spring accessory, but unless you plan to wear it down the aisle, leave it at home.  Simple jewelry or no jewelry at all lets you focus on the dress.  That being said, if you have a particular accessory you plan on wearing down the aisle, bring it along and let your consultant know you are looking to incorporating the accessory into your final look.   She may be able to suggest ways to incorporate the piece or even suggest a dress which will complement the vintage broach or family heirloom you plan on wearing.

Practice your aisle hairstyle.  When brides are trying to find their dress, they often get hung up on the minor details, like how they will wear their hair on their wedding day.  Consider styling your hair in a similar way to how you might want to wear it.  Your hair is one of your best accessories, so seeing your hair in a low, loose bun vs. a ponytail might make all the difference when deciding on a dress.

Volle’s Bridal and Boutique has an amazing selection of accessories to complement your dream dress.  Our consultants will expertly suggest the perfect veil or hair piece to complete your look, along with earrings, a necklaces and a bracelet when you find your yes dress.  We love to accessorize our brides.

Are you ready to shop for your wedding dress?  Here’s to hoping this week’s Tuesday tip will help you shop successfully for your wedding dress.  Now, grab your full coverage panties, ditch the trendy chunky necklace, sweep your hair into a twist and come on in to Volle’s Bridal and Boutique to find your dress

With love,

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip: How To Carry Your Bouquet Down the Aisle

Your dress fits perfectly. Everyone has made it to the church on time.  The bridesmaids are starting to walk down the aisle.  Your bouquet is in your hand.  You are ready to go.  STOP!  How are you holding your flowers?  Are you carrying them too high?  Are your flowers too much?

After watching countless brides walk down the aisle and viewing pictures of brides for over 20 years, I have some advice when it comes to your bridal bouquet.  My advice is simple: Hold them low and less is more.

Many brides carry their flowers up too high, covering the bust line of their beautiful dress and competing with their smile.  I suggest resting your forearm on your hipbone.  If there is a significant height difference between you and your aisle escort, consider carrying your bouquet in just one hand.

When it comes to your bridal bouquet, less is definitely more.  Large, cascading bouquets are dated and shift the focus away from your face.  Keep the focus on you, not a large flower arrangement.  Large bouquets are heavy and may cover up the beautiful details of your wedding dress.  I suggest carrying a simple yet elegant bouquet.

Before you walk down the aisle, take a moment to make sure your smile will be the focus, not your flowers.  You will have plenty of time to smell the roses later.

With love,