Don’t Forget Your Junior Bridesmaid!!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tips

dress trioSo you have your wedding party all planned, but what about your little sister or niece?  They are too old to be flower girls but too young to be a full on Bridesmaids so where do you put them?  Junior Bridesmaids tend to get forgotten, but there are several benefits to having them in your wedding party.

First of all, it is a chance to get your second color in the wedding; if all your bridesmaids are wearing blush pink have her wear champagne so she compliments the wedding while being a bit special. Second, it will mean so much to her, being in your wedding will make her feel important and part of the big girls’ crowd.  The only issue is, which dress to get her?  She is too small to fit in the bridesmaid’s dresses, and doesn’t have the bust to fill out the bra cups.  Also most bridesmaid’s dresses are strapless, which is a little too mature for the tween age.  Junior Bridesmaids dresses are perfect for that in between age, they have straps and are made for a younger girls body with modified neck lines and sizing. Our designer Jasmine offers junior sizing that matches the Bridesmaid dresses but adjust the neckline and dress to make it more modest for that younger girl.

There are so many styles that could work for that younger attendant, so don’t feel like they need to wear the same dress as everyone else, find a gown that is made for your junior bridesmaid.


With Love,