Flats or Heels?


The big day is getting closer and you have almost everything planned for. But did you give a thought to your shoes? We are talking more than just how the shoe color matches your dress. It’s going to be a long day, so give extra thought and consideration to your tootsies!

Many brides choose flats or low heels for their wedding dress. Will they really show? They will rarely make an appearance. Consider what you have planned for the day. Is the ceremony going to be outdoors or at a church followed by a reception with dancing and all the bells and whistles? Well, you do not want shoes to slowly kill you as the day progresses. Choose wisely and get shoes that will let you stand for long periods and which you can dance all night long.

So what if you want to wear high heels during the ceremony and flats for the reception without dragging your dress all night? Your shoes can be comfortable, but they don’t have to be completely flat. Wedge heels tend to give you elevation without the discomfort.

That said if you have your heart set on those sky high shoes, with those gorgeous high heels which look perfect with your dress well go for them!

With Love,