Let It Go!

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip:

You have planned and planned, everything is set down to the tiniest detail. You wake up the morning of your wedding, with butterflies in your stomach, and you just want your day to be perfect. Every bride has this feeling, but your wedding day is not the day to stress about what may go wrong, just let these things go.

Guess what the goal of your wedding day is? GETTING MARRIED! Everything from the dress to the party afterwards is extra! As long as you are wed to the person you love at the end of the day, the day was a success! Your wedding day is a day for celebration of your love for each other, not a celebration of your great taste in flowers. Nobody is going to know that the flowers were supposed to be light pink instead of hot pink or that the band played the wrong song during your first dance. So what if it rains? That’s good luck, didn’t you know? Now, don’t get me wrong, I want you to have the most amazing gown and best reception anybody has ever seen, but let the little things roll off your shoulder, and your day will amazing. Enjoy every moment of your wedding day, even the moment when Uncle Joe has a little too much to drink and says something embarrassing.

The secret to a fabulous wedding is when the bride and groom have the time of their lives. Your guests will follow your lead, so get your groove on and have a blast!


With Love,