Nip in the Air

Deanna’s Tuesday Tip:

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Personally, there is nothing better than a chilly fall day; leaves falling, a cup of hot chocolate warming your cold fingers and the person you love walking next to you.  I know I am not the only one that loves fall, so it’s no surprise that couples decide to get married in autumn all the time.  They think of everything, what colors would look the best in the fall foliage, where they can get the most unique pictures; some couples even have pumpkin flavored cake!  Once you find your perfect dress it seems that everything else falls into place.  The one thing most brides tend to overlook is the weather, which is ironic sense that is what they are planning the wedding around; the fall weather.  But what I am talking about is that it might be a little bit colder than you planned for, and if you are in a strapless dress that could make for some uncomfortable moments.  Nobody wants a picture of a bride turning blue because she is freezing! Fortunately bridal companies make adorable bolero’s and jackets that look elegant while still keeping you warm.  I love the classic Fur Stoll; I think it adds a little bit of an ‘Old Hollywood’ glam look to any ensemble.  You could also order extra fabric from your gown (or find material that matches) and have something custom made to match your gown.  Either way, you’ll be much warmer than just wearing your strapless gown all on its own.

Don’t just hope for perfect weather on your wedding day, plan ahead! If you don’t end up needing it at least you’ll get some really unique pictures out of it! You will be much more at ease if you plan for all sorts of scenarios, but just remember your day will be perfect, chilly or not!

With Love,